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Mass Transit Applications

Weld Mount adhesively bonded fasteners have many potential uses in mass transit applications:

Increasingly light weight composites are being used to manufacture mass transit systems flooring and shells. These composites reduce weight and offer better corrosion resistance than traditional materials.

Adhesive bonded fasteners eliminate holes in composite structures which leads to leak paths and weakens the panel. Weld Mount fasteners are faster to install and require less skilled workers saving cost and weight.

Mass Transit Adhesive Application

Use Weld Mount Fasteners for Installing:

  • Our Fasteners
  • Lighting
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Wi-Fi Systems
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  • About Us

    We continue to develop innovative Weld Mount products to provide cost savings and improved product quality to OEM, construction and maintenance organizations.

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  • Our Products

  • 成熟老妇女图片大全成熟老妇女图片大全,触手改造男人产卵漫画触手改造男人产卵漫画,草莓视频 污免费下载草莓视频 污免费下载Contact Us

    Weld Mount Systems
    63 Epping Road
    Raymond, NH 03077

    Phone: (860) 788-3380
    Fax: (860) 788-3374
    Email: info@weldmountsystem.com

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